A big wind story from the UK:

Heavily subsidized wind energy requires standby fossil fuel generators, ultra-long transmission lines, and millions of tons of concrete, steel, copper, rare-earth metals, and fiberglass. The turbines create chronic health problems for people living near them and kill millions of birds and bats – to produce intermittent, wholly unreliable electricity that costs up to 250% more than coal-based electricity.

For all that, on a torrid August day, Great Britain’s 3,500 giant wind turbines generated a mere 12 megawatts of electricity: 0.032% of the 38,000 MW the country was using at the time.

Britain would have to build 10 turbines a day every day for eight years to meet its EU renewables target.

Britain would have to build 10 turbines every day for 8 years to meet its EU renewables target. Click To Tweet

From Australia comes this big wind power story:

Widespread power blackouts were imposed across Adelaide and parts of South Australia with heat wave conditions forcing authorities to impose load shedding.

About 40,000 properties were without electricity. The temperature was still above 40C when the rolling blackouts began at 6:30 p.m. to conserve supplies

All this because 40% of electricity must be alternative. Coal is being abandoned and oil left in the ground.

Here in the US, another big wind power story:

Courageous NC legislative leaders have stepped up. In an unprecedented move, they have formally petitioned the federal government to intercede and fix the extraordinarily problematic Desert Wind-Amazon/ROTHR situation.

This boondoggle from Amazon and the Dept. of Energy has forced the US military to accept untenable positioning of turbines near their radar over the horizon system (ROTHR) in eastern North Carolina. The DOD has reviewed 5,000 cases in wind turbines interfering with defense sites. Only one has been cancelled.

State utilities refused to sign up for this very expensive electricity, despite pleading by the federal government. Amazon “stood proud” and sought the power — at an enormous cost to low-income Carolinians.


British Wind Power

Amazon stood proud and sought the power — at an enormous cost to low-income Carolinians. Click To Tweet

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