Here is a list of websites and web pages devoted to wind power, wind turbines, bird safety, human health, and related issues. They feature a ton of great resources, informative articles, reasoned opinion, and more.

American Bird Conservancy — Motto: Bird-Smart Wind Energy: Protecting Birds from Poorly Sited Wind Turbines.

Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions — Description: An informal, non-partisan, non-profit coalition of North American individuals, organizations, communities, and businesses who are primarily concerned about the future of the electrical energy sector. At AWED, we believe that we do have environmental and energy issues, and that such technical matters should be resolved by using real Science.

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation — Description: Dedicated to the restoration and recovery of endangered and threatened raptors (birds of prey) here in Canada.

European Platform Against Windfarms Motto: Wind turbines: We shall go on to the end, we shall fight on the grounds, we shall fight on the seas , we shall never surrender.

Friends Against Wind “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi. The whole team of Friends against Wind wishes you every success in your fight against the scourge of wind turbines.

Iberica 2000 An online tool created by the Center for Research and Promotion of Initiatives in Spain to help people know and protect nature.

Lake Ontario Turbines — A website for Save Ontario Shores Inc., a local grass roots organization formed to address the health, safety, and environmental concerns of the residents of the towns of Yates and Somerset over the Lighthouse Wind industrial wind project proposal.

MasterResource energy blog

Master Resource Free-Market Energy Blog

MasterResource is a blog dedicated to analysis and commentary about energy markets and public policy. Precisely because energy is the lifeblood of the modern economy – the master resource that affects the production and use of all other resources – energy markets are often thought of as different and thus deserving of special political direction.

We believe that the economic rules governing energy are no different from those governing other markets and are thus skeptical about government intervention. Drawing on this perspective, while employing both economic theory and market history, we hope to better inform the energy debate in a civil but forceful manner, without recourse to political partisanship or ideological cant.

Mothers Against Wind Turbines — Motto: Protecting our children from Industrial Wind Power emissions is our first priority!

Mynydd Llansadwrn Action Group — Motto: Stopping inappropriate wind turbine developments.

Get the Facts at

National Wind Watch Motto: Presenting the facts about industrial wind power.

No Tricks Zone Not here to worship what is known, but to question it. – Jacob Bronowski. Motto: Climate news from Germany in English by Pierre L. Gosselin.

North American Platform Against Windpower Motto: Join the international call for a reality check of industrial wind energy.

Ontario Wind Action Description: Ontario Wind Action is a group of communities and individuals who organized in response to a growing need for clear language and firm directions with respect to the end of industrial wind in the province. It is our commitment to work with all Ontario groups to ensure that the province hears from the people; that industrial wind is not wanted, not viable, and seriously harming the environment, people, communities, the economy, and historical values.

Raptor Education Foundation Colorado’s leading advocate for raptors (birds of prey with hooked bills which hunt with their talons). This classification includes eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, vultures, condors, kits, harriers, and ospreys.

Stop conflict energy. Wind farms kill, cripple, and maim eagles and other wildlife.


Stop These Things  Motto: The truth about the great wind power fraud. We’re not here to debate the wind industry. We’re here to destroy it as it exists today.

Together Against Wind Motto: Collective strength, cohesive message. Stop the wind farm folly! Joining forces to say no and demand change.

WindAction Group Motto: Facts, analysis, and exposure to industrial wind energy’s real impacts. The WindAction Group is dedicated to providing information on industrial wind energy, enabling communities and government officials to make informed decisions.

Windbyte — Motto: Tracking the wind rush in northeast England and southeast Scotland.

World Council for Nature — A conservation NGO that claims green policies are causing more harm than good.

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