Hegel suggested choices are ideally between two opposites, thus allowing a victory for black and white. Of course, the fantasy is the choice not the outcome. When were you ever faced with a clear choice? Buying bread? Water? Gas? Getting married? Voting?

Unlike the Philosophers Stoned, life is far more complex. You have only to look at a diamond. The 4 Cs only begin to ascertain its worth. Or a pencil. The wonderful little tome, “I, Pencil” by Leonard Read in 1958 offers the simple story of a pencil’s manufacture. Nothing simple or Hegelian here.

Australians will vote this summer for their federal government. Energy choices lead the electoral process. They can see electricity process double – or quadruple – by 2030, depending upon whether they choose Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee.

Tax subsidies for alternative energy will either double to $45B or quadruple to $90B. Nigerian emissions permit sales are skyrocketing in response. (Permits are sold for offsetting emissions reductions from Russia, Nigeria and Belarus, among other well regulated locales).

Tax subsidies for alternative energy will either double to $45B or quadruple to $90B. Click To Tweet

Here in the Land of the Dead, 4,200 bald eagles will be permitted by the USFWS for execution each year by wind turbine farms. This adds to the 1,100 golden eagles set aside for decapitation.

Given the population for each species in North America is 47,000 and 4,000, extinction is certain. It is only a matter of time. Less time each year, as turbine construction increases loom with each New Year’s gift from the Administration and Congress of an extension of the wind fall tax credits and permits. Oil companies need not apply.

Choices to be made. Clear evidentiary, existential choices: Which species will become extinct first?

Of course, we could simply eliminate homo sapiens and leave the birds alone…

Of course, we could simply eliminate homo sapiens and leave the birds alone... Click To Tweet

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